Run Jenny Run (2000)

By Lincoln Benson in Asheville, NC

she's on a plane
wasting away
fading out above buzzards bay

she's give and gotta go
no time to waste
run jenny run

i felt the fangs and backed away
i will not allow you to make me the prey

i said you gotta go
you'll miss my face
run jenny run

don't make a mistake
that you cannot escape
a vampire's kiss
i'll get you
i'll get you for this

she's playing games
dancing in a fluid pose
follow me she said sweetly
and so i'm going back to burn
the dead field she sows

she pulled nails from my veins
but couldn't feel my pain

so now she's always on the run
orbits in bloom
there goes another one

someday she'll write to say
she didn't miss me anyway

i drew a gun
you cannot stay
she wouldn't run so i had to blow her away

run jenny run


2001 - Run Jenny Run
in Asheville, NC on PC with drum set
By This Dizzy Height
Added 04/07/2004