Crazy Monkey (2004)

By James Moats in Noblesville, IN

tell me what am i thinking
tell me what do i want
am i worth studying at all jane
doctor goodall

page after page
you're telling me how to behave
and telling me i need to shave again
let me get that door for you
peter post

doctor phil tell me all about it
how wrong am i being
i'm sure that i am missing it
make your audience laugh at me
make me look stupid on that tv

advice is free
so let me get some
and skin it and eat it off the bone

this is me
swinging from tree to tree
attacking other monkeys just for fun


2004 - Crazy Monkey (peeled banana mix)
in Asheville, NC on PC with drum samples
Added 06/10/2004
2004 - Crazy Monkey
in Asheville, NC on PC with drum samples
Added 04/21/2004
Updated 06/10/2004


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