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Reliable (2009)

By James Moats in Asheville, NC

It comes around again
Here you are one more time

A glutton
For my punishment
It's sadistic
Or is it

I can't keep them straight
Maybe it's both
Maybe both

Take care
Of yourself

But it was good,
You're right
For the most part
I know
It is a shame
It's such a waste

Don't go it alone
Don't stay home
Go be known

Just leave me alone
No hard feelings
Just leave me alone
Leave me alone
I can't take it

Take care of
Let me
Worry about


2009 - Reliable
in Asheville, NC on PC with drum set
Featuring: Dan Taylor, Kevin Lawrence, Grant Henry
By Yes, Mayhem
Added 09/20/2009
Updated 09/01/2010


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