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Jump The Gun (2014)

By James Moats in Asheville, NC

It's not hard to remember
Not gonna lie cross my heart
Not gonna falsify the fodder

You love and run
Like everybody jumps the gun

I told myself I'm gonna
I told myself I oughta
I told myself that I'm gonna fill the dumpsters
Lied to myself that it always turns out sinister

The girl's trying to break your heart
They come with cannons and try to blow it apart
It's not the case and you know it's hardly over

You've got to get your delusions run aground
You're not allowed to tuck it under the rug

I told myself that I've got to cross it
I've got to get to the honest part
Until you've got it you pound on every door

Do what you think you've got to
Do what you think is right
Get on the road to righteous

Win back the cannons and find some balls
You'll never find the ghost ship
You've never need an armory this large or hazardous

You love and run
Like everybody jumps the gun
You're just having fun
Like everybody jumps the gun


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