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Shut In (2018)

By James Moats in Asheville, NC

So, get out in the streets and see the people
going about their days
Phones out and waiting for the bus
Guns out and looking for a beach

Everything seems to be at peace
at least to me
Avoid the news and put on some music
This is my anti-anxiety

Go, get out of the house
Don't worry it will all be waiting
while you're about
Let go of last lousy week

Just get out of your head and find a hobby
brew or write something
Go spend some money frivolously
Lighten up, don't take this literally

It's time to pack it up, at least
the bags you can see
Put on your shoes and prepare for traffic
This is my growing anxiety

Turn the radio on
and see which classic Didney villain's
in the headlines
Let's go next nasty week

Pull your trousers up
and power through, your back
is stronger than you think it
What is your legacy?


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