It's Natural (1995)

By James Moats in Tucson, AZ

i smell something and it's natural
i think that i am bilateral
i think it is habitual
it's a glorified nothing

you know it too
you know it's true
too much of a good thing
too much to lose

it'll run through my soul
get lost and low
losing your mind losing your mind
there's something so good in having nothing

you feel it too
you know it's true
forming a habit of forming habits

smoke filled and choking
smoke filled and smoking
this is it this is me stay and see

something is lost when nothing is wrong
something went wrong and something was lost

no one survives inside
inside telling lies
light up and die light up and die
vacant eyes telling lies

this is me


1995 - It's Natural
in Tucson, AZ on boombox with no drums
Added 04/07/2004


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