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The Ballad of Wood Head (1995)

By James Moats / Chris Litton in Tucson, AZ

i wish i'd break down beside a fortified and lacy meadow
complex attraction to the ring master's widow
ring around a posy i know he must have seen before
tear down a train and fly out past the shore

i acquired the company of a gal who was fatter
grossly reduced to vegetable brain matter
it's like taming a shrew who never looked up to you anyway
washing your teeth won't rid me of these eye stains
(and you know what that means)

cover me in pink come dot my eyes
i can smell your eyes
tripping on in instinct i can't spell surprise
smack me with surprise

boil that dust speck
boil that dust speck
boil that dust speck

boil boil boil



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