Mr. He-Man (1995)

By James Moats in Tucson, AZ

what do you think now mr he-man
is she good enough for you
can you spare a nickel to change my mind
can she fill your shoes

pretty little helpless she-ra
try and make them deaf and blind
smiling still listen here soldier
don't you dare cross that line

foot rest on a park bench waiting for a reason why

what do you think now ward cleaver
did something catch your eye
how's it feeling now retriever
flowers made you cry

walk to any phone booth
reach out and touch a friend
there's evil in the mountains
and safety in the wind

how ya feeling now miss she-ra
hows it going now
killed the family rerun
they'll get it back somehow

pretty little helpless she-ra
can't make up her mind
blown to shit again
listen i'll save ya
and you're helpless once again

foot rest on a park bench waiting for a reason why


1995 - Mr. He-Man
in Greensburg, PA on boombox with no drums
Added 04/07/2004


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