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Pictures In My Head (1995)

By James Moats in Tucson, AZ

totally deflated
that's what it feels like
it floats away
that's how i dream it
security in the dark
but it's never quite enough

how i hate the smiles
but they never last
the pictures in my head
are pictures of my past

fully separated
you know that's what it is
dismember them
their smiles aren't so bad
but who's to know
it's all for show

how i fake the smiles
and throw them on the floor
collecting piles and piles
there's room for plenty more

somewhere in the middle i've left something behind
and now i've seen it's missing
and my ticket
oh i used it

but now it's back to the start
when i had a heart
it used to be so kind
before it died


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