African Wind (Jobba Jobba Joolee) (1995)

By James Moats in Greensburg, PA

it's hard to remember
what's so easily forgotten
with time comes the darkness of heart
it's sad to realize
what's long since forgotten
but that comes from an innocence of heart

and now i've seen it again
experienced the mind's workings
i don't need to hear it again
the record keeps playing

what will it take to say
i didn't mean it that way
i never meant to betray
the ones who came before me

yeah but that's all right because i'm all alone
yeah when things aren't right i've carved it in stone
yeah it's never mattered before i'm never really alone

this record's broken
its skipping and repeating
i thought you should know
broken records still play
and sometimes even sound better
when you're alone

i've never taken the time
to find any peace of mind
it's never been this way before

i've never found the time
to interview my mind
and now i'm sounding dumb

it's hard to realize it's been done before
with time comes the darkness once more


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