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Picture Perfect Sticky Cool (1996)

By James Moats in Thomasville, NC

i grabbed my camera and oh
how surprised your face was
it's the only way to preserve
a moment in time the way it really was

maybe not or maybe so
you'd rather not see
i never saw your face although
you were sitting right next to me

but the camera never lies
and neither do your eyes
you say you weren't crying
but the camera never lies

a thousand words a glance
a weekend and a second chance
i had almost lost it again that's a sin
i'm sorry about the world

and i'm sorry for a girl
my girl
my skin is sticky cool
yours is soft and covers you

don't do what you're gonna do
not for me
that's not what i've been going for
don't turn in your code and key
not to me
we've been through this before


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