Divine Road Sign (1997)

By James Moats in Greensboro, NC

there's power lines in an otherwise
unpopulated stretch of countryside
there's a highway coming a path is cut away
there's something in the air uneasy

three metal crosses up on a hill
symbolism never gets her fill
three colorful crosses all in a row
whose idea was this dazzling show

a thousand cars drive by every night
it had might as well be another speed limit sign
the divine right to advertise
the market is quite high this time of night

dreaming of a higher life
high beam headlights bringing fairy tales into sight
i'm lost without what dangles in my face
this divine road sign is a quite tantalizing bait


2000 - Divine Road Sign
in Asheville, NC on PC with drum mosheen
Added 04/07/2004
1997 - Divine Road Sign
in Greensboro, NC on 4-track with no drums
Added 04/07/2004


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