Stereo Luxuriances (2001)

This Dizzy Height

The full length demo album by This Dizzy Height, featuring James Moats (guitar & vox), Lincoln Benson (guitar & vox), Dan Taylor (bass), and Chad Hildebran (drums).

This is a collection of songs, old and new, that were brought into the band and turned upside down. The three songwriters in the band working together made quite an interesting sound. These songs were recorded track by track in what might just be the most stuperrific time of my whole stinkin' life.

That's what Lincoln tells me, anyway... I don't really remember most of it.

Track listing

1. Life In The Background
2. Run Jenny Run
3. Altima Bud-Get
4. Days Like Rusty Nails
5. Visitors
6. Dorkabilly Rock
7. Calculate
8. Wax Moth
9. James Taylor
10. An Open Letter To Charlton Heston