Don't Forget (2012)

James Moats

This album is the second in a series of two compilations from a huge scale recording project that spanned most of 2005 and 2006. The tracks were remixed and mastered, then arranged in a very listenable and compelling collection of songs. I guess what I'm trying to say there is it is a new album of old recordings and is basically Ten Years After part 2.

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Track listing

1. 808
2. Al Sharpton
3. Fart Flavored Candy
4. End Of The Ride
5. Asshat
6. Hot Spot
7. Nothing Wrong
8. Render Me
9. Seeing Ghosts
10. Part Time
11. Screening Process
12. Shelf Life
13. Tired
14. Triangle vs. Cowbell
15. Damn TV