All Skate (2003)

James Mosheen

Yet another compilation for you... This time it is mostly drum mosheen recordings, except tracks 1 & 10 which were both recorded on real drums. This CD contains demos recorded between 2000 and 2003. There were quite a few that didn't make the cut, because of time constraints on the CD as well as sound quality. Track 7 is a cover of the Beach Boys' classic.

Features Dan Taylor on keys in track 9.

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Track listing

1. A Proper Burial
2. Altima Bud-Get
3. Calling Clifford Miracle
4. Charmin
5. Diamond Shamrock
6. Divine Road Sign
7. Don't Worry Baby
8. Fire Fly
9. (Full Frontal) Fidget
10. Hey Money
11. Lilt
12. Long Day
13. Massaponax
14. MT500 (Casiotone)
15. One Car Apartment
16. Rush Hour
17. Skull Bong
18. Sometimes Words Hurt
19. Tired
20. Tourist Season
21. Vulnerability
22. Weird On Top
23. Yes Man
24. Al Capella, How Come You Don't Sing With The Music Up